For young professionals

Starting Strong in an

Uncertain Environment

Zen Zone uses financial technologies to provide you with easily accessible, usable data and relevant financial coaching. We know how easy it is for subscriptions to quietly find your credit card and that can add up quickly. We play “defense” so you can stay on “offense” – growing your thriving career.

Coming of Age in Uncertain Times

Are you

  • Choked by student dept?
  • Reaching a plateau with your career?
  • Launching a start-up?
  • Starting a family?
  • Looking to buy your first home?

How you might feel?

  • Disappointed?
  • Paralyzed?
  • Overwhelmed?

There’s still time and opportunity, we’ll show you how to capitalize

By gaining a stronger understanding of spending patterns, using the latest technologies to uncover saving opportunities, and developing a plan to prioritize funding use, you will be on solid ground.

Services of Focus

In early adulthood, with so many life decisions to make, services that put you at peace with how you use money and organize your life are our focus.


The Psychology of Money

What does money and what it can buy mean to you? We dig into how you wish to prioritize your short and long-term spending and investment goals. A budget is much more likely to be followed if these values and goals have been established first.


Cash Management

Through timely, accurate Quicken reporting and communications, Zen Zone will provide, for a low price, a clear view of your monthly cash flow by category. Our more value-added packages include annual budget planning and tracking, as well as longer-term goal setting and cash flow projections.  These services provide natural inputs to your tay preparer, CPA and financial planner.


Financial Organization & Coordination

Overwhelmed with paper and digital disorganization? Help is on the way. Zen Zone can organize important financial, legal, and medical files in paper and digital form and equally important, free up your storage by eliminating duplicate files.


In our 30-minute complimentary session, we’ll discuss your needs and make sure we can meet them. This may be through one or more of the packages below, or it may be through a unique, customized program with a price to be determined.

The Current State & Organizing Your Life


Monthly Quicken Actual Reporting
(based on paper records)

Debt and Expense Tracking

Credit Card Account Monitoring & Reconciliation

Organize financials, medical, and legal documents
(paper & electronic)

Laser Focus + Investment Review


Everything in The Current State & Organizing Life Package


Set up online banking

Bill Paying (manual or electronic)

Check Deposit

Psychology of Money discussion

Goal Setting

Create Budget

Plan Budget Enforcement

Actual vs. Budget Reporting & Commentary

Tax Preparation Package for Tax preparer

Bulding the Future


Everything in Laser Focus package


Identify & respond to possible fraudulent / incorrect charges

Negotiate and Manage debt obligations

Quarterly Financial Counseling Written Commentary: Savings, Dept, Reduction

Ideas, progress vs. goals

Cash flow Projections: determine how long existing funds will last

Liason to CPA, Estate Attorney on billing and documentation matters


Real Estate Special

$199/month for 1-2 properties

$299/month for 3-5 properties

$75/month for every property after 5

Monthly Quicken Actuals Reporting

Dept and Expense Tracking

Tax Preparation Documents

Quarterly Commentary

1-3 Properties: $199/month

4-6 Properties: $299/month

7+ Properties: $399/month


Portfolio Review available for additional $399

Custom Bundles – as negotiated


How does it work?

We believe in transparency and clear steps so by the time you sign up you already know what to expect and what's the next step.

Fill out "Contact Us" form below

You can fill out the form at the bottom of the page and Zen Zone will contact you within 48 hours to set up a Needs Assessment call.

Proposal sent to you withing 1 week

The proposal will lay out in detail the services and products to be provided, along with their timing and cost.

A "needs assessment" call or in-preson visit at your convenience

We will discuss your short and long-term goals and concerns, the resources you currently have to help with these issues, and how Zen Zone could possibly fill gaps in the help you could use.

Let's dive in!

In order to keep an accurate and reliable schedule, Zen Zone requires a response within 2 weeks of receiving the proposal. The response could be Accept, Deny, or an offer to negotiate the terms of the proposal. We aim to have a resolution of our path moving forward within 1 month of the client’s receiving the original proposal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out the questions below and gain more clarity on what working with Zen Zone will look like. 

Do you work remote, on site, or both?

If it’s determined that client needs can best be met through on-site meetings, John Hall can commute within a 30-minute radius of his home in Redwood Shores, CA. Under most circumstances, he will work remotely and meet with the client through Zoom.

Are you a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) or Registered Agent (RA) (i.e. a certified tax preparer), or a Fiduciary?

Not at this time. However, John offers services that can overlap and certainly link with these professions. Specifically:

  • John will work with the client on assumptions and model cash flow projections that can be shared with a CFP. He can also offer recommendations on real estate portfolio allocation within the context of a broader portfolio, a service CFP’s often touch provide because they focused on mutual funds, stocks and bonds.
  • John can prepare simple tax returns on software such as Turbo Tax, particularly is the client does not normally itemize deductions. He will not prepare more complex taxes. However, he can work directly with your tax preparer to provide any needed inputs for schedules, such as donations, interest payments, and real estate net income.
  • John is not a licensed fiduciary, responsible for ensuring proper care for incapacitated clients. He can help fiduciaries with the client’s paper and electronic file organization, as well as bill paying and cash flow management.

What do you charge?

Zen Zone offers standard packages which are described in detail, including price, elsewhere on this site. Customized programs are also available, with pricing to be negotiated.

How do you accept payments?

Check, Paypal, Venmo, Zelle

How much of my personal information will I need to share? Will Zen Zone have need access to my financial accounts' login ID and password?

It depends on the work agreement. You may choose to only allow Zen Zone access to paper banking and financial statements. Regardless of what level of access of granted, Zen Zone offers a written pledge to completely protect any private information. As a member of the American Association of Daily Money Managers, John Hall passed a rigorous background check. If you choose bill paying service from Zen Zone, you can rest assured that funds will be distributed as the client intends. 

Can I get a trial to see if this works for me?

Though we do require a minimum $500 payment, if you are not fully satisfied, we offer a refund that will be spelled out in the work agreement.

Is there a minimum time someone needs to commit?

The time commitment is not set in stone, however, all work agreements contain a $500 minimum payment.

How fast can I see results?

 The timing of results will depend on the condition.

How often do we meet?

 This will vary by the client's budget, logistics, and availability, as well as the nature of the work required to meet the client's goals?

Will you provide training to me to learn how to do this stuff?

You will receive training and documentation to use any tools or reports that
are produced by Zen Zone.

Contact Us!

Now that you’ve seen how Zen Zone can add value, please contact us for a complimentary 30-minute discovery call appointment.

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