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Clarity, focus and perspective – Our approach to Money Management & Organization

Zen Zone Money Management takes daily money management to the next level. Beyond standard tracking and reporting, Zen Zone offers customized cash flow projections, making us the perfect complement to your financial planner, CPA, tax preparer, and fiduciary. We scour the internet for savings and income maximizing opportunities. We have special expertise in real estate financial management and portfolio review.

Does this sound familiar?

You’re currently feeling…


Overwhelmed with your finances


In need of financial help, urgently


That you have no idea how to file your taxes


You have no idea how to organize your files


You own rental properties and you don’t know how much cash flow they bring in month to month


You’re afraid to make financial decisions


You don’t know if you’re going to have enough money after you retire


You don’t know where is your money going


You want to cut back your expenses, save up more

John Hall, MBA, PMP

Has you covered

John Hall started Zen Zone after analyzing and planning his mom’s finances after his dad died in 2010. As he worked with his mom, he discovered an untapped need for daily money managers to provide more insightful analysis and actionable steps to see money and maximize cash flow.

As a longtime real estate investor, John was frustrated with the lack of standardization of property management statements and realized that other investors like himself would benefit from having real-time, year-round tracking and budget property income and expenses, as well as portfolio reviews.

John has now tapped his 30+ years of Quicken and financial planning experience and 20+ years in real estate investing to offer the ultimate cash flow and investing partnership with you, your financial planner, and those caring for you.

John Hall was born in San Francisco, grew up in San Mateo, CA, and now lives in Redwood Shores, CA with his wife Michelle and daughters Elizabeth and Emily. His 92-year-old mom lives in his boyhood home and is going strong.

John majored in Economics at Occidental College in Los Angeles, followed by an MBA in Finance and Marketing at the University of Chicago. He is currently pursuing a certificate in Real Estate Investing through UCLA.

He is a member of the American Association of Daily Money Managers (AADMM).

Creative Bent

Though he has always been analytically inclined, John won two awards in college for a novel he wrote.

Sports fan

John’s favorite sports teams are the 49ers, Warriors, and SF Giants – but he won’t hold it against you if you root for the other teams.

Serving the community

Very community-minded, John organizes his high school class reunions and has served on the board of his local HOA.

Yoga practicioner

As befitting the Principal of Zen Zone, John has become semi-addicted to hot yoga.

Poster boy

Between helping his mom with finances, one daughter in college and another daughter starting college in 2023, John is a poster boy for the “sandwich” generation.

Inspiring wife

John’s approach to planning as a daily money manager draws inspiration from his wife, a fourth-grade teacher whose success comes from empathy, keen listening, and structured but flexible thinking.

Services offered

Cash Management

Through timely, accurate Quicken reporting and communication, Zen Zone will provide for a low price, a clear view of your monthly cash flow by category. Our more value-added packages include annual budget planning and tracking, as well as long-term goal setting, and cash-flow projections. These services provide natural inputs to your tax preparer, CPA, and financial planner.

Financial Organization & Coordination

Overwhelmed with paper and digital disorganization? Help is on the way. Zen Zone can organize important financial, legal, and medical files in paper and digital form and equally important, free up your storage by eliminating duplicate files.

Real Estate Investment Consultation

Do you have more than 1 investment property? Zen Zone Principal John Hall has 20 years of experience as a real estate investor. He knows the effort required to pull property management statements from different systems into a standard so you don’t have to wait until tax time to know exactly how your properties are performing. He can also provide real estate portfolio reviews if you’re at a decision point to buy or sell a property.

Health & Retirement Lifestyle Support

Zen Zone will leverage its experience with the hospital, clinical, and extended care systems to research eligibility for benefits, assist in searching for home care, and coordinate with estate and trust planning.

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