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Zen Zone Money Management

We provide customized financial and personal planning services that allow you to easily and confidently make decisions

that are both day-to-day and life-changing. When that happens, you are one step closer to the Zen Zone.

The return on investment (ROI) with Zen Zone is typically highly positive. Savings can be as high as 10 times your investment in our services.

Your life is unique. Yet most of us face similar challenges at every stage of life: health struggles, multi-generational responsibilities, personal relationships, and searching for meaning and satisfaction in life. When managed consistently and creatively, money can be a helpful tool to meet these challenges. When money is not managed well, it can take on a life of its own and soon money becomes your master instead of your servant.

More than bookkeeping, more than financial planning, Zen Zone offers a partnership to help manage your life on a daily basis. Zen Zone is the glue to your Fiduciary, Certified Financial Planner, and Certified Public Accountant Enrolled Agent with bill paying, checkbook balancing, and reporting, but also supports important decisions through insightful cash flow planning and counseling. Zen Zone saves you time by investigating medical bills, negotiating with creditors, and assisting with home maintenance. Whether you’re fresh out of college, a real estate investor, a busy professional, or watching spending more carefully near or in retirement, Zen Zone has a personal, customized program for you!

Clients we Service



For Young Professionals

Today’s young adults are the best educated, most prepared generation ever. Yet they face perhaps the most challenges ever with high student loan debt, rising inflation, housing shortages, and low pay as they’re building their careers. Zen Zone offers personalized coaching to cope with each of these headwinds so you can continue to grow in areas that matter most: career, relationships, and mental, physical and spiritual growth.



For Investors

While many types of investments have impressive long-run (i.e., more than 10 years) track records, they require extreme patience for one to realize actual gains. Sound cash management will allow you to stay with these investments through difficult periods so you can be rewarded for your patience. This approach is especially important for real estate investors. In real estate, it’s also important to know how your portfolio fits into your life planning. Zen Zone can help with all of this, drawing on years of real estate investing experience.



For reinvention & retirement

In both planning for and being in retirement or reinvention, it’s often the little things that somehow become the big things. Inaccurate medical bills or credit card charges, spending more than necessary to maintain your lifestyle, can take you away from having a fulfilling life. Zen Zone can take on all of these issues, leaving you to focus on everything else: new businesses, hobbies, family, relationships, and spirituality.

Key Services



Through timely, accurate Quicken reporting and communication, Zen Zone will provide for a low price, a clear view of your monthly cash flow by category. Our more value-added packages include annual budget planning and tracking, as well as long-term goal setting, and cash-flow projections. These services provide natural inputs to your tax preparer, CPA, and financial planner.

Financial organization & Coordination

Overwhelmed with paper and digital disorganization? Help is on the way. Zen Zone can organize important financial, legal, and medical files in paper and digital form and equally important, free up your storage by eliminating duplicate files.

Real Estate Investment Consultation

Do you have more than 1 investment property? Zen Zone Principal John Hall has 20 years of experience as a real estate investor. He knows the effort required to pull property management statements from different systems into a standard so you don’t have to wait until tax time to know exactly how your properties are performing. He can also provide real estate portfolio reviews if you’re at a decision point to buy or sell a property.

Health Care & Retirement Lifestyle Support

Zen Zone will leverage its experience with the hospital, clinical, and extended care systems to research eligibility for benefits, assist in searching for home care, and coordinate with estate and trust planning.

Why Choose Us?

True Partnership

We offer cash flow projections and actively look for potential savings. We sweat the details to ensure what you’ll have to invest is estimated as accurately as possible.

30+ years experience

The Right Stuff. Zen Zone Principal John Hall has over 30 years experience with Quicken and Excel and over 20 years in health care, with special focus on finance, bills, hospital operations, and extended care.

Serving All Generations

Service for All Generations from Gen Z through the Silent Generation, Zen Zone can cover your financial planning needs.

Customized services

Have it your way. We offer service packages but are flexible in pricing and scope.

We're Tech-Savvy

We extract, synthesize, collate and analyze data from all your real estate, bank, and credit card statements and deliver insightful data via paper or electronic reports.

But we make it easy

We make it easy for you. Technology should make your life easier, not harder. That’s why we sweat the tech details so you don’t have to.

Our Mission

John Hall, President of Zen Zone, has an MBA in Finance from the University of Chicago, one of the nation’s top finance graduate schools. In addition, he has spent over 20 years in corporate and operational finance in 3 leading healthcare organizations: Kaiser Permanente, Stanford Health Care, and UCSF. He is a long-time self-described Quicken and Excel junkie in both his personal and investing reporting. 

John started Zen Zone when he realized that:

  • People sleep better when they have an honest, accurate picture of their current and projected financial cash flow. Getting this picture takes time that for most people is better spent on their careers, families, and interests.
  • Optimizing cash flow, especially on the expense side,  is an art in itself and requires discipline, relevant data, creativity, and strong commitment.
  • Investments will perform better when they can be held longer because there’s a credible cash management plan in place.
  • The best cash flow projections anticipate barriers and have contingency plans for a range of possible outcomes, based on variations in drivers and assumptions.

Happy Clients

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Customer Review

“John has prepared my taxes, budgeting and cash flow tracking and forecasting for the past 15 year. He is reliable, consistent, and a great listener. I always feel more educated on financial matters when I meed with him.”

Marie H.

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